Medical & Safety Disclaimer

(1) Limited role as complementary aid 

Dot Go is an experimental accessibility app for the low-vision community meant to complement and not replace existing aids including but not limited to guide dogs and canes. This app is currently being beta tested. By continuing to use the app, you are doing so at your own

(2) Usage with assistance

You are strongly advised to use this app with the guidance of a sighted individual in a controlled environment. While there are several fields where computer vision technology has shown human-like accuracy, there are dangers to fully relying on it for daily navigation without any human assistance. 

(3) No warranty

The app uses several publicly accessible computer vision models that were pre-trained for different image recognition tasks. This implies that these models were not trained by Dot Inc. and therefore Dot Go makes no representations or warranties for the results and maintains no claims about the level of accuracy and precision  shown by these models.

(4) No medical advice 

Dot Go is not an approved medical software and cannot be used as the sole visual aid with doctor’s prescription.This app does not give out any medical advice therefore any information given should not be treated as such. 

(5) Device Support 

Dot Go is only available for iOS devices with LiDAR sensors. This app does not guarantee the quality of audio playback, vibration, voice-reader, flashlight, AirDrop, and other features which are determined by your iOS device. Dot Go simply uses these features in the app, so in the event of an incident involving or caused by an issue with any or all of the the features on your device, Dot Go does not assume any liability or responsibility. It is recommended that you get yourself acquainted with all the technical information about your device and have all the features tested before continuing to use the app.

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