How can I try out Dot Go?

You can get access here. To get started, follow the instructions.

How is Dot Go different from other object recognition apps for the visually impaired?

Dot Go is more than an assistive app, it’s a platform. Existing accessibility apps are not fully open and inclusive. Their closed systems and “one size fits all” approach don’t reflect the diversity of visual impairment:

1. They are limited to few object libraries
There are freely available object recognition databases for almost anything. From dogs and food to more specific topics like local road signs. Existing accessibility apps rely only on one library, from a few general ones – users cant integrate libraries themselves.

2. They are not really customizable
Existing apps don’t give users the freedom to customize even basic stuff like choosing different feedback tones. Dot Go allows extensive customization, up to assigning different tones to each object and much more.

3. They don’t trigger actions
Feedback in existing apps is limited to announcing objects for example. They don’t allow these objects to trigger actions and therefore interact with the environment, as Dot Go does.

 4. They are not creative
While apps are listening to users, adapting still takes time. Users can’t build their own solutions and share them with others. Dot Go does that, providing the blind community with the tools and platform to create and collaborate.

Is Dot only for the blind?

Visual impairment comes in a wide spectrum and different degrees. Dot Go is designed to be the most customizable accessibility assistant. That means, it not only benefits 285 million visual impaired people worldwide, but also 15% of the population that is disabled today, senior citizens and more. 

Even if you don’t identify with these groups, we are excited to see what you can build with Dot Go.

Which smartphones does Dot Go support?

Dot Go runs on the latest iPhones and iPads, with advanced distance measurement available on devices with LiDAR. For phones without LiDAR, the camera sensor is used.

How can businesses and brands use Dot Go?

Dot Go makes it easy even for small businesses to make their experiences accessible through custom presets. If you need assistance or want to know more, get in touch via

Is Dot Go really free?

Yes. Dot Go is currently completely free for individual users. There will be additional premium features in the future.

Why did no one else think about this?

Dot Go relies on LiDAR. This technology has only recently become broadly available. Apart from that, one can only speculate why existing object recognition apps don’t allow customization and connected features like automation and shareability. Maybe they didn’t realize the opportunity to tackle the increased complexity from customization through the power of community.

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